Workshop sur les coupes anglaises du Dorset (GSSP Oxfordien et Kimméridgien): 12-16 Juin 2014

Toutes les personnes intéressées doivent rapidement contacter P. Pellenard ( et K. Page (


 11-12 June : Arrival and concentration of participants by different transport media:

– Direct flight on  June Thursday 12th from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport 13:30 pm to Exeter (arrival 14:00 pm), then go to Weymouth in a minibus.
– Flight to London and then a direct train to Weymouth. Meeting in Weymouth Thursday 12 evening.
– Flight to Bristol and from Bristol (there is a bus from the airport to the train station) a train either to Exeter or directly to Weymouth.
Any other combination could be also arranged with the organizers, but these ones seem to be the most convenient.
Staying in Weymouth during the field work and the meeting.

Friday 13th-Sunday 15th June: Fieldwork at Redcliff point
Short visits to the near Kimmeridge Bay, to the section of Osmington, and also to the section of Blackhead are also possible, so we can also check the possibilities of these excellent sections as Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian GSSP candidates.

Monday 16th June: Return from the different points. Flight depart from Exeter Airport to Paris will be at 10:15 am so a quite early depart from Weymouth will be set. Other departures to other connections will be attended by us as far as possible.