Session Jurassic system of the Carpatho-Balkan realm and adjacent regions at CBGA

The XXIst Congress of the Carpathian Balkan Geological Association (CBGA) will take place between the 10th and 13th of September 2018 at the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg, Austria ( CBGA is aimed bring together geoscientists from southeastern Europe with geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth sciences. On behalf of convenors of the Session GT2-4 of the CBGA Congress, entitled Jurassic system of the Carpatho-Balkan realm and adjacent regions (see –, we are pleased to invite everybody interested in problems of the Jurassic system to prepare presentations for this session. The Jurassic formations are widely extended in the Alpine-Carpathian-Balkan-Hellenic orogenic belt and adjacent regions; results of their studies provide crucial data for the reconstruction of the evolution of the western Tethyan and surrounding realms. We invite contributions in all fields of geology of this long period, including the latest Triassic and the earliest Cretaceous history and events as well. We cordially recommend you this session as an excellent forum for discussion on the « Jurassic world » of your favorite areas. We thank you in advance for your attention and contribution and hope to welcome many of you to Austria in September’2018!