Publication à Volumina Jurassica

L’étude intitulée « Integrated stratigraphy of the Oxfordian global stratotype section and point
(GSSP) candidate in the Subalpine Basin (SE France) » par Pierre Pellenard, Dominique Fortwengler, Didier Marchand, Jacques Thierry, Annachiara Bartolini, Slah Boulila, Pierre-Yves Collin, Raymond Enay, Bruno Galbrun,
Silvia Gardin, Vincent Huault, Emilia Huret, Mathieu Martine et, Carmela Chateau Smith vient de paraître dans la revue Volumina Jurassica.


An integrated biostratigraphic approach, based on ammonites, calcareous nannofossils, dinoflagellates, combined with sedimentology, carbon-isotope and physical stratigraphy, is proposed for the Subalpine Basin (Thuoux and Saint-Pierre d’Argençon sections). Within the expanded marl deposits of the Terres Noires Fm., the Callovian-Oxfordian boundary is particularly well defined by ammonite taxa from different families (i.e. Cardioceratidae, Oppeliidae, Aspidoceratidae and Perisphinctidae), calcareous nannoplankton (first occurrence of large-sized Stephanolithion bigotii) and dinoflagellate cysts (first occurrence of Wanaea fimbriata). This precise biostratigraphy and diversity of ammonites permit long-range correlations with Boreal and Pacific domains. The exceptional outcrop conditions and continuous sedimentation allow high-resolution chemostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy to be used. Variations of the δ13C record (1.5‰ increase during the Lamberti Zone), consistent with data from other sections of the Subalpine Basin and with the Paris Basin, provide additional markers to characterise the Callovian-Oxfordian boundary. Promising results from cyclostratigraphy should serve to constrain the duration of biostratigraphic units and thus improve the Late Jurassic Geologic Time Scale. Comparisons are made with the two other candidates for an Oxfordian GSSP, Redcliff Point (UK) and Dubki (Russian Platform). Finally, the advantages of the Subalpine Basin sections support the proposal of Thuoux as a suitable GSSP candidate for the base of the Oxfordian Stage.


coupe de thuoux

Coupe de Thuoux